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Brussels, Belgium--FOSDEM announced the preliminary program for its upcoming conference, to be held February 26-27, 2005 in Brussels, Belgium. Now in its fifth year, FOSDEM provides a forum for programmers across a wide spectrum of free and open source technologies to share ideas, and to foster collaboration between different projects. A wide range of developers gather at the annual conference to advance the adoption of open source and free software throughout Europe and the world.

Interactive presentations and panel discussions by experts and innovators will take place both days of the conference. Topics to be tackled include desktop, development tools, GRID/Clusters, Linux kernel, security, and packaging tools for distribution. Just a few of the notable speakers at this year's event are Alan Cox, Jimmy Wales, Marius Mauch, Stuart Winter, Matthias Ettrich, Alex Larsson, Olle Mulmo, Gerald Combs, Ethan Galstad and Alexander Dymo.

One of the main goals of FOSDEM is to create a place where developers can share skills and concepts about the development of their projects, face to face with other developers from different disciplines. To that end, in addition to formal sessions, attendees will be able to participate in Devrooms, where developers can organise informal talks focusing on their own activities. Devrooms are the incubators for development in new areas and directions, unifying the developer community and eventually resulting in better quality software.

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